Bill Yeager is a prominent success coach, motivational speaker, inspirational author, personal trainer, and acclaimed Amazon international best-selling author of the book “Unleash Your Internal Drive.” Recognized as a Facebook public figure, Bill has received personal coaching from Tony Robbins and has mastered the art of fire walking. With a remarkable track record, he has played a pivotal role in motivating over 500,000 individuals worldwide, guiding them towards transformative life changes.

Originally gaining recognition as the Body-for-Life Champion in the 2001 Challenge, Bill has been featured on various popular podcasts and news outlets, including Sharkpreneur with Kevin Harrington, FOX, NBC, and ABC. Beyond his literary achievements, Bill is a distinguished fitness entrepreneur, having authored numerous fitness articles and books. Additionally, he serves as the president of multiple personal training businesses and acts as an advisor to fitness enterprises nationwide.


Bill’s Journey

For more than two decades, Bill Yeager has immersed himself in the realm of fitness and physique development. His journey began with a fervent dedication to personal growth and a relentless pursuit of knowledge, propelling him to continually experiment with new techniques to maximize his physical strength. As Bill evolved, his own physical transformation became a living testament to his commitment, inspiring others who sought his guidance and advice on training.

As a global leader in physique transformations, Bill’s impact extends beyond his personal accomplishments. He has been prominently featured in numerous fitness magazines, television shows, online platforms, radio broadcasts, newspaper articles, advertisements, newsletters, and nationwide fitness camps. Originating from Cheshire, Connecticut, Bill’s early engagement in various sports fueled his passion for change and a quest for knowledge in building muscle mass for enhanced strength and injury prevention.

During his teenage years, Bill’s focus shifted from sports to a love for strength and conditioning. At just 17 years old, he made a significant mark by breaking the maximum bench press record at the State Open Weightlifting Contest, lifting an impressive 320 lbs. in front of a substantial audience comprising 23 high school teams, schools, and contestants.

However, at the age of 19, Bill temporarily diverted from his fitness pursuits, grappling with the challenges of making a living as an automotive technician and later as a contractor. The demanding nature of his work, coupled with a negative environment, took a toll on his attitude, happiness, and physique, leading to weight gain and a grumpy disposition towards his family and friends.

Before and After Weight Loss

How the Transformation Began

One day, a friend invited Bill to join a local gym for a workout. However, upon picking up the weights, Bill realized his body had become weaker and flabbier, lacking the energy to continue. Dissatisfied with his physique but determined, he embarked on a journey of “dieting” and exercise, relying on salads and nightly runs. Unfortunately, this approach resulted in a smaller, skinny appearance with minimal muscle, far from his desired outcome. As Bill’s metabolism slowed and his frame diminished, discouragement set in, leading to a quick regain of the lost weight.

About a year later, still discontent with his health, Bill adopted a more informed approach to physique development. Delving into books on proper nutrition, supplementation, and strength training, he absorbed knowledge from sources like Bill Phillips and Anthony Robbins. Armed with updated perspectives, Bill decided to make another attempt at transforming his body.

In 1997, EAS sponsored the 12-week physique transformation contest, offering enticing prizes. Seizing the opportunity, Bill felt a burning desire not just to change his body but to win. His dissatisfaction with his job fueled this determination, despite its financial stability. Winning the contest, he believed, could alter his life and serve as an example to others, opening doors to work for EAS, a global leader in sports nutrition and fitness strategies.

After clinching victory in January 2002, Bill left his contracting job to capitalize on new opportunities. Although he had the chance to work for EAS, he opted to put that on hold. His newfound purpose was to demonstrate to ordinary individuals, like himself, how straightforward and swift it could be to transform their physiques through proper exercise and nutrition.

Further research led Bill to understand the critical role of nutrition in developing a stronger, healthier body. Collaborating with nutritionists, physicians, physical therapists, and top scientists through EAS, he expanded his knowledge base. Since 2001, Bill has advocated for structured one-on-one training programs, fostering an environment that empowers individuals with techniques to enhance both physical and mental strength. His culture is built on the principles of reaching down to lift others up in an honest and positive setting.

As Bill achieved and surpassed his goals during the competition, he not only witnessed a dramatic change in his physique but also laid the foundation for a lifestyle. With newfound energy and mental clarity, Yeager now exudes confidence, believing that when you set your mind to something, you can accomplish anything.

Awards & Personal Accomplishments

Personal Training Inspiration
2001: Worldwide Transformation Contest: Body for Life Champion
2003: Began radio show and overcame anxiety of public speaking
2004: EAS Lifestyle Achievement Award
2005: Personally coached by Anthony Robbins,and walked across 10 feet of scalding hot coals
2006: Produced “Bill Yeager’s True Story of Transformation” CD
2007: Co-Authored Champions Body-for-Life
2008: Wrote for: Leading Edge Magazine
2009: Connecticut’s Million Dollar Trainer
2010-2012: Designed/Authored S.R.C. Sensory Response Conditioning Program
2014: Authored Changing Beliefs in 3 Days for a Lifetime of Health
2015: Organized Bill Yeager’s Transformations Co.
2016: Formed Fitness Business Solutions, A fitness business mentorship company
2017: Opened 2nd Location Horizon Personal Training Centers
2019: Formed CT Personal Training
2021: Authored book “Unleash Your Internal Drive” & became Intl Best Seller

Books, Co-Authored & Produced
Weight Loss Transformation in Connecticut

Bill Yeager’s True Story of Transformation
Inspirational audio CD: Wrote, recorded and produced by Bill Yeager


Body for Life Magazine with Personal Trainers
Champions Body-for-Life
Written by Art Carey, Jointly Authored by Bill Yeager


Success Journal With CT Personal Trainer
Body-for-Life Success Journal
Written by Bill Phillips, Pg. 60 Bill Yeager


Leading Edge Magazine With Personal Trainer
Leading Edge Magazine
Columnist Bill Yeager


Unleash Your Internal Drive
Author Bill Yeager



Community Involvement
Here are some charities & community events Bill participates in:

For several years Bill is Proud of being very active in the Community and with Fundraisers. Leading by example, Bill feels very strongly that we all need to appreciate what we have and contribute as much as possible. “The best exercise we can do is to reach down and lift others up!”

  • Many Local P. B. A’s.
  • Local Chamber of Commerce
  • Connecticut Children’s Medical Center
  • American Cancer Society
  • St. Baldrick’s Foundation
  • Immune Deficiency Foundation
  • Joe & Kay Calvanese Foundation
  • St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital
  • Make-A-Wish Foundation
  • CT Food Bank
  • Bread For Life
  • Stuff-a-Bus
  • “From the Heart Toy Drive”
  • Adopt a Family
  • Toys for Tots
  • Briarwood College
  • Branford Hall Career Institute
  • Clear Channel Communications
  • Suzanne M. Di Lernia Memorial Scholarship Fundraiser
  • CCS Children’s Community School