Common Threads of SUCCESS

Mediocrity seems to be everywhere these days. People often think that “good enough” is great or, at least…. “good enough.”

What ever happened to the incentive to really strive for something that not everyone could have?

Are we setting up the next generation to simply be “average”?  Are we teaching our children that everyone is the same: adequate, or “good enough”?

Helping people to find their own successes—whether it’s better physical health, success in business, or just any goal that they wish to achieve—has been a lifelong passion of mine.  I can never get enough of helping people obtain success.

So, let me ask you:

Do you want to discover success?  Do you want to really cross the finish line to your ultimate achievement?

In all my years of experience doing what I do, I have reviewed hundreds—maybe thousands—of cases where individuals have achieved their goals, and I have interviewed perhaps the same amount. I like to see if there is something connecting those people who achieve. I like to gain as much knowledge as possible, to see what makes those people “tick,” and what makes them different.

Bill Yeager

I’ve always said,

“If you see someone doing something that gets them what you want, then do what they do.”

You may wonder, “How do people get what they want? Is it luck? Genetics? Right place/right time? Their family’s standards? Is there a common theme among those who reach their achievements?”

It seems that there are a couple of common denominators when we look at those people who have achieved what they really want: whether it’s a better body, fantastic physical health, a new career, wealth, fame, or anything else people pursue in life.

One thing that separates the successful person from the less successful person is that those who actually achieve what they want, have the same general motivator in mind:

  • The desire to excel and to be better than average.

Another common denominator for those who get what they want, and this is perhaps the single best reason for one’s success, is the concept based on the following words:

  • The Foundation for Success is a fierce, driving desire & hunger.

Those two items are the common threads.

The thing is, you can have the second common thread without the first and still be successful, because it is perhaps most important.

As far as wanting to be better than average–you may not actually think you are anything more than average. You may not believe you are capable of excelling, or that that’s even what you really want.

But if you have that intense, hard-core WANT to succeed—that hunger—then you will ensure that you stop at nothing until you have what it is you desire.

Strangely enough, you typically cannot have the first common thread without the second and achieve your success. And I can tell you, luck only plays a very small part, for most of us.

As much as it would be nice to have a magic pill that allows us to achieve all that we want, it is not that easy and not realistic.

This concept is something that is simple, but it is something you truly must think about it because it is of the utmost importance.


So, ask yourself:

How badly do you want it?

How fierce is your desire to achieve?

How far are you willing to go to reach your goals and achieve your own personal success?

How powerful is your drive?

If you really want to know why some people succeed, and why other people fail, you will find the answer in the above bullets:  the want to excel and the voracious, intense desire to get it done.

With the right mindset, nothing will get in your way.


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Bill Yeager

Bill Yeager is an entrepreneur, leading mindset success coach, virtual online personal trainer, inspirational writer and health & wealth enthusiast. He’s helped over 500,000 people worldwide become inspired to transform their lives most widely known for becoming a Body-for-Life Champion & co-Author of Champions Body for Life. He is the author of several fitness articles, books and president of multiple companies.