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Lessons for Succeeding

There is nothing like accomplishing a goal that you put your mind to—something extraordinary!

When you’ve achieved something great, your success often leaves evidence of how it came to be. These clues left behind can be used for anything you want to succeed in. Read on for some success tips that you can apply to your life and goals.

Use a Recipe or Roadmap! Don’t Resort to Trial-and-Error

Recipes, roadmaps, directions, programs—whatever you would like to call them—they work because the tried-and-true, proven method has already been achieved by someone. When you want to be a success at something, why should you reinvent the wheel? Why use trial and error?
The thing is, often, you don’t have to do.  Usually, there is someone else who has wanted what you want, and who has created a surefire way to get it.

Would you use trial-and-error to bake a cake or create a complicated gourmet dish? Would you use trial-and-error to put together an IKEA table?

Basically, there is a lesson here. Find someone who has gotten the results that you want, and do what they have done!

Embrace the Idea of Deadlines in Your Life and Use them Effectively!

Deadlines will lead to more results because they will increase motivation.  When you create a true deadline for yourself, what is then, also, created is a powerful sense of urgency and anticipation for a set number of things to happen in a set time period. Your mind will automatically begin planning what needs to happen –what actions need to be accomplished—in order to create success.

We have all had deadlines that we’ve had to meet for someone or something else. Taking an exam in school, creating a report for an employer, getting in your tax information to the IRS.

These deadlines put the necessary pull on us, and though it’s not always fun, it can be very effective in pushing us to accomplish something.

You need to take your deadlines seriously, however, or else there is no point.

I suggest that in order to set a deadline that works for you and your goal, simply set up a small “penalty” if you don’t achieve the success you want by that deadline. This will increase the urgency. Then, the motivation you need to create success will be harnessed.

When a true deadline has to be reached, your goal will be accomplished with serious speed.

Use Pressure as a Strategic Tool and Embrace it (to a degree)

Most folks think of pressure as a negative thing, and avoid it at all costs, feeling that they must coast through life as much, and as often, as possible. But pressure does not have to mean “stress.” The two are not mutually exclusive. Stress is typically a negative emotion that we associate with disease, bad moods, and just everything unfavorable.  But pressure is different.

Society tells us pressure is a “bad thing” when it really doesn’t have to be. Deep down, I feel we all want some pressure in some form, and that we need pressure to feel passionate about our lives.

Consider the idea of “positive pressure.”

For instance, a police officer or fire fighter who saves someone in a dire situation; a student who studies for a test; or a business person who prepares for a presentation.  There is more urgency when there is pressure applied.

Good pressure can help someone:

  • use their time effectively and efficiently,
  • assist in maintaining self-discipline, and
  • aid in the approach of having a deeper sense of purpose in reaching your goals. Positive pressure simply helps things to get done.

A common way to create some positive pressure is to tell friends and family about your goals and your deadlines.  This extra little push will help you to maintain the urgency and importance of your goal. Most people do not like to go back on their word, and they don’t want others to view them as a quitter. Hence, this pressure can be used as a powerful motivator.

Essentially, if you don’t have anyone who is expecting much or demanding much of you, then it’s a good idea for you to create that scenario yourself. Learn to thrive on –and under– pressure, and be your own competition, if you want to get things accomplished.

Often, real success will be achieved when there is a roadmap, deadlines, and a decent amount of intense pressure.

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Bill Yeager

Bill Yeager is an entrepreneur, leading mindset success coach, virtual online personal trainer, inspirational writer and health & wealth enthusiast. He’s helped over 500,000 people worldwide become inspired to transform their lives most widely known for becoming a Body-for-Life Champion & co-Author of Champions Body for Life. He is the author of several fitness articles, books and president of multiple companies.