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Past, Present, Future Mindsets

Many of us lack the ability to develop the skill to see the future and reflect on what we can and will be like.

But we–we are willing to do the things unsuccessful people are not willing to do.
We want to excel.

It is important to develop a strategy that will maximize your success and exercise your mind. You must reprogram your mind so that you can create a clear vision of your future that is exciting to you.

The clearer the vision is of your future self, the more you will desire to make that self a reality.

Without a very clear picture of what you want, you will find it very challenging and difficult to get what you want.

The Past-, Present-, and Future- Mindset

Past-mindset—People with a past-mindset think that everything important and meaningful in their lives has already happened. The good ol’ days. They would basically love to return to their pasts instead of focusing on the present or future. These folks reflect on what was, and reminisce on what they used to be, instead of what they can and will be.
You know the type–they talk fondly of high school parties, or college football games. They have no idea where they are going and no desire to look ahead because the past seems to hold so much allure to them.

They typically are resistant to change, and have trouble sticking with anything that is a challenge. All in all, past-mindset people are those who do not wish to self-improve. Their “best self” was years ago, and they are not looking to change and get better because what can be better than the past?
This is their philosophy.

Present-mindset  –Present mindset people are not ruled by the desire to go back in time like the past mindset folks are. They are not focused on the future, though, either. These are the folks who need a push to look and envision the future.

Future mindset—Those who are always looking at and envisioning the future are the ones who are always growing and evolving.  They are not afraid of taking on new challenges, they’re not nearly as fearful of change as the last two mindsets, and they are always looking to improve.

A future-mindset is imperative to make changes, because it allows you to constantly develop, grow, change and improve. Future mindset people automatically set goals; they are not forced to do so.

So how can one develop a strong future mindset, so that they can achieve what they really want and desire in life?

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I recommend taking a few minutes to brainstorm.
Write down all the things you want to achieve in the next year. Just words, like lose weight, gain muscle, more money, better health, greater work satisfaction, more friends, vacation.Basically, anything you really want that you feel will make a difference in your life’s happiness a year from now.

Now put those words that you just wrote down into affirmative statements.  Make sure that they are not “hope” statements, but “I will statements.”

For example:
In one year from now, I will be 20 pounds lighter, I will have greater muscle definition, I will be healthy and vibrant, I will have increased my salary by $10,000, I will have better energy, I will have amazing new friendships, and I will be vacationing in Paris.

Now once you’ve written down those affirmation sentences, notice: do they make you excited? If not, revise them until they do! Then revise them again, until you are totally stoked.

Your future should make you more excited than your present or past!

Once you have developed a series of affirmative statements that really revs you up, then you need to read this paragraph every morning and every evening. Read it out loud and to yourself multiple times per day. State them with confidence. You must believe these statements with absolute certainty.
You are creating your future reality!

It is ok to once a month review this series of affirmations. If need be, tweak them and upgrade them! Do not downgrade them, however.  You are destined for bigger better things!

In addition to reading this positive future mindset list of statements, make a conscious decision to envision specific accomplishments in your future, instead of reminiscing on your past. During your morning commute to work, for instance, instead of thinking about your last birthday, think—instead—of your future goals, about making more money in your career, about shedding those pounds you have been meaning to. Envision your happier and more-fulfilled self. Have a crystal-clear vision of what you want to accomplish, and continue to keep this in your mind. Envisioning your future self will become easier as you get into the habit of practicing it; it is powerful and liberating!

This exciting new vision of yourself—one that gets you pumped up—is what sets the desire to make things happen. If you’re not excited about the future self-vision, then the desire is simply not there.

Once you’ve recited your future mindset statements enough times that you ‘ve committed it to memory, your mind will lead you towards your future self. It won’t be nearly as much of a struggle to make your future into a reality. By practicing this future vision exercise, you are teaching your mind to fully see it, and that is the beginning of harnessing your true potential


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Bill Yeager

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