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The Power of Adversity

There have been times in my life where I have had to really struggle. I mean REALLY struggle—mentally, physically, emotionally, financially.

I am not alone.  I’m sure you can think of at least one or two times (or perhaps dozens) when you were hit with outrageously bad news, or something so negatively life-changing (severe illness, death of family or friends, loss of your finances or business or some other tragedy) that you didn’t know how you would handle it or if you would make it through.

And yet, you did. If you’re reading this, you’re still here, and you made it through.

The reality is that adversity will reach us all, because it is inevitable in this life, and it will almost always make us lose our focus.

It is important to note that “success” is not measured by how big of a mansion someone owns, how much money he or she makes per year, what college one attended or how many degrees someone has earned, or how beautiful or handsome a person is. I feel the true measurement of someone’s success can be discovered only by looking at the obstacles one has had to overcome to reach one’s goals. That is a true testament to one’s character.

How much did they struggle through their own adversity to make it to their achievement?

So, how do we do this? How do we muddle through setbacks when they hit us? Because they will hit us. (It’s only a matter of time and no one is immune to it.)

There are a few things you can remember to get through those tough times.

First, stop thinking that you will never encounter any adversity or tragedy in your life. That is a naïve outlook. Like I said, it will happen, and it is only a matter of time.

If you have no struggles in your life right now—cheers to you! I recommend you enjoy this time; appreciate the lack of struggles in your life currently. Relish and cherish it. But I must tell you that you need to be aware of the potential of bad things occurring in your life. I don’t say this to be negative. I say this because one of the things we can do to get through adversity is to be prepared for it.

To be prepared for it means you steel yourself in case a tragedy should occur. When something bad happens while you’re trying your best to reach a goal in your life, don’t stop focusing on your goal to focus on the tragedy. (Easier said than done, I know).

Bill Yeager Why me

Those people who reach their goals despite having adversity thrown at them are the ones who stop asking:

“Why me?!?”

and instead, they begin saying:

“How can I deal with this and get through it so that I can move forward?”

This means you may have to stop feeling pity for yourself. Forget about giving up, and don’t let negativity rule every thought.  Those who are successful are those who stop playing the victim.

They realize they can’t always control the situation around them, but they CAN control their reaction to the situation around them.

  • Don’t let adversity crush your soul and stomp on your self-confidence.
  • Be bigger and stronger than the tragedy that comes your way.
  • Know that you can conquer it, no matter what it is. Find your iron will through it all.

This mindset will help to get you through any negative things that happen, and it will renew your conviction to get to your goal.

Third, learn to evaluate your situation and the adversity that has occurred. Then search for what lessons you could learn from it all. How could you better deal with the next negative curveball that comes your way? There are definitely lessons to be found.

Fourth, understand that there is growth that comes from pain.  Pain is a necessary evil in life. We hate it, it sucks, but without pain, we don’t grow.

Fifth, when setbacks occur, make it a point to do something positive to get back on track. Persevere to move forward. If that means writing down a plan to help get you back on track with your goals, then do so, even if it means you have to put the plan aside for a few days to heal. But don’t put it aside for too long. Make it a point to revisit your plan to get back on track.

Sixth, understand that we as humans are meant to contribute– to learn from our own adversity so that we can then use our experiences to give back to others. Giving back to others will help us to grow, move forward and heal.

The way you handle negative occurrences defines you and who you are and who you could and will be. Your character will be tested through these hard times.

No one wants setbacks, but we need to change the conception of “problems and adversity” and start looking at them as the opportunities that they truly are.

The more you confront resistance and life’s struggles, the more you will conquer them and the stronger you will become.


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